Chef Scott in action on Food Truck Road Trip in the video above!

Food Truck Road Trip: A Cookbook Chapter Preview

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Chef Scott Tremonti blames his single-minded pursuit of wood-fired pizza perfection on a pie from Pizzeria Bianco in Phoenix, Arizona. “I had good pizza before, but when you had Chris Bianco’s pizza, it was almost like a religious experience,” he says. “That was my first experience with a wood-fired oven.” Having had an authentic, artisanal, Napoli-style pizza, Scott couldn’t go back.

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— Behind the Food Carts Cookbook

The Urban Oven Delivers Wood-Fired Pizza to The Suddenly Busy Bloc Complex

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Here’s a first look at The Urban Oven, a casual new pizza joint nestled into Downtown mega-complex The Bloc. The big property has been in the works for years, slowly coming along in phases as the retail and restaurant side build up simultaneously. Now the Bloc’s best new lunch option is here to act as an anchor tenant, alongside the still-to-come Alamo Drafthouse.

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— Farley Elliott

Open and shut: Native Pizza keeps it simple, yet stylish, in midtown Ventura


Scott Tremonti was an information technology specialist working in Phoenix when he walked into Pizzeria Bianco and had his career rocked by the James Beard Award-winning pizzaiolo Chris Bianco.

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— Lisa McKinnon

First Thoughts: The Urban Oven

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Like that beautiful girl that sat in front of you in geometry class but then became invisible when the class bell rang, The Urban Oven had eluded me for months. I would check Twitter almost on a daily basis to locate the wood-fire pizza slinging gourmet food truck, yet the stars never seemed to align for the two of us. I would go to the wrong place or miss it by a few minutes or they would change their whereabouts, it just did not work out. Finally, as of Friday, it did. And I am really, really glad we finally hooked up.

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The Best Los Angeles Food trucks

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The kids loved it, which says a lot: They are true pizza snobs.


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The Urban Oven Brings Wood-Fired Pizza To The Streets of LA

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Not surprisingly, LA’s wood-fired pizza craze is going mobile! Joining such tasty ranks as Pizzeria Mozza, Stella Rossa, and 800 Degrees, is The Urban Oven…truck! This one-of-a kind wood-fired oven on wheels navigates the city daily, bringing restaurant quality to you. Inspired by his Italian heritage and a period living beside world renowned Pizzeria Bianco in Phoenix AZ, Chef/Owner Scott Tremonti devotes his chef-self to artisanal, Napoli-style pizza. Tapping into experience as a caterer and years perfecting his dough recipe, Tremonti recently took to the streets with unique gourmet pizza.

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— Victor & Mary Alsobrook