There’s nothing lukewarm about Scott Tremonti.

He may look low-key, but our chef and founder is one of the most fired up individuals you’ll ever meet.

His pizza passion was ignited the first time he bit into one of Chris Bianco’s acclaimed pies in Phoenix. With relentless fervor, Scott taught himself the art of dough-making and collaborated with some of the best Pizzaiolos around. Next, Scott soaked up the culinary traditions of Seattle and its burgeoning farm-to-table scene.

Then, he rolled out the first wood-fired pizza truck onto the streets of LA. And the feeding frenzy began. People from Silver Lake to Santa Monica couldn’t get enough of his authentic, perfectly charred pies.

But here’s the thing about Scott.

No matter how high his Zagat ratings are or how good his press is, the guy never stops his constant, compulsive pursuit of The Next Perfect Pie.


In fact, some of those perfect pies could be cooked up in your very own pizza oven. To hire Scott as your Private Chef, click here:

Private Chef