Hand your oven over to Scott.

If you’ve got a wood-fired oven but haven’t mastered the art of it, why not bring in someone who has?

Scott Tremonti, Doughman and pizza chef extraordinaire, doesn’t just make house calls. He makes parties.

Here’s how it works.

First, Scott comes over for a consultation. You talk about the size of your dinner party. He checks out your wood-fired oven and kitchen space.

Next, you provide the guests. And he brings everything else. The dough. The ingredients. And entertainment. (Trust us, Scott’s wood-fired performance is a sight to behold.)

Then, you bask in the light of an amazing evening. And maybe even learn a thing or two about that oven of yours.

To find out what Chef Scott and your wood-fired oven can cook up together, just give him a call.

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